Our services to expats settling and/or working in the Netherlands cover all tax matters with which they are likely to be confronted.

Our services include:

  • Handling income tax returns – including the request for provisional refunds as a result of mortgage interest deductions
  • Advice on achieving the optimum tax situation
  • 30% rule applications
  • Advice on the social security applications in an international context
  • Handling the financial administration of businesses
  • VAT administration
  • Payroll administration

We are also fully informed on the special fiscal arrangements for international ‘civil servants’ working for the International Criminal Court, one of the Tribunals, the UN organisations, ESTEC, NATO, etc.

We are able to advise those liable for foreign taxation as a result of their work or properties owned in the Netherlands.

Foreign income, emigration and immigration always result in complex tax situations in the international context. Both the Dutch and foreign tax systems must be taken into account in this regard.

Proper tax planning can deliver benefits in the international context. Furthermore, proper tax planning ensures avoidance of any unpleasant fiscal surprises.